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Special Christmas offer for RENU 28
December 1st - 31th 2017

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You will receive every tube of RENU28
5 euros cheaper.

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For every order of 1 tube RENU 28 or more
you get a small tube RENU 28 á 10 ml for free.

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No shipping costs within Germany.
In the EU and Switzerland 3.20 euros

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Redox-Signal-Molecules - the innovative product for the future

Fact Our body is composed of about 75 trillion cells. Each one operates as a small "factory".

Redox Mann

Question What controls the communication in the cells and outside the cells?
Answer Redox-Signal-Molecules
Mission They protect, communicate, defend against, replace and repair.
Problem At an advanced age the body has less and less redox signaling molecules available. As a matter of fact the repair mechanism cannot take place often enough.
Solution After 16 years of research, the breakthrough succeeded to make redox signaling molecules durable in the bottle for 1 year!



Weekly Quality Control

Every week ASEA has productsamples tested by an independent laboratory Bioanalytic Lab .

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Naidu DSC03189 600x750REDOX - LIFE - The book on redox signaling molecules

by Dr. Narain S. Naidu

Information on the content:

Dr. Naidu was asked by the ASEA, a 20-page booklet on redox
Signaling molecules and their scientific basis to write. This resulted in
a 500-page, 2.5 kg heavy book REDOX LIFE, the in October 2013, on
European Convention was presented in Mainz.

Information on the person:

Dr. Narain Naidu explored as a microbiologist for more than 25 years of bioactive substances and
their benefits for human health. After receiving his doctorate in 1985 at the
Faculty of Medicine, University of Osmania in India, was Dr. Naidu for different
international bodies operate, including the WHO (World Health Organization), the
Hungarian Ministry of Health, the Directorate of Medicine and Health
the Government of India and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Narain Naidu has professorships at various universities, including the Medical
University of Pecs (Hungary), Lund University (Sweden), the University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill (USA) and the California State University (USA) and was already once
Nobel Prize-nominated.


You want to know WHAT is going on with REDOX SIGNALS about?

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Use the power of the redox signaling molecules internally and externally.
Tell people about your positive experience!




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